What feeling when wearing glasses for color blind people

April 1, 2021 Off By Hutchinson


I am strong  protan color blind, can recognize red, cannot recognize green, and is not sensitive to those green.

I have learned the principle and understanding of this product, but unfortunately there is no introduction of the use experience. After all, only the parties themselves know the improvement effect of this product, so there is no way to objectively evaluate it. Even if the parties themselves tell the truth, it is inevitable that there is no subjective opinion involved.


So moved the heart, want to open the door of the new world to the official website to do the test.

COVISN TPG-038 Outdoor Indoor Corrective Color Blind Glasses


That afternoon, the sun was shining brightly, it was a good weather for testing glasses, drove 90 kilometers to get the glasses, a pair of glasses, look at the world again, very disappointed, there is no imagined colorful and impact feeling, the world is not different, it seems to be cheated.

At that moment, a big truck with DHL Logistics logo passed in front of me. Without thinking, I blurted out: “Look at that red! “At that point, I realized that the glasses did work, at least with the red color.

My feeling about the glasses for color blind people

For Red Color

Gee, why do I emphasize red? I took off the glasses and looked at the surrounding red, found that: when using glasses, all the red has been enhanced, become bright.

Red is what I see without my glasses. When you put on glasses, the red you see is “red *120%”. The red color became so bright and eye-catching that every time I saw a red object, I had to look at it again, which was a bit distracting. No wonder the glasses were not suitable for driving.

In the past, when I saw red, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I would ignore it. After putting on my glasses, I found that the 30 and 50 marks on the speedometer of the car were red, and all the cars in the parking lot had red taillights.
These reds, I can recognize without my glasses, but they’re not so obvious that they don’t catch my attention.

For Green Color

The perception of green is slow, have to observe, first observed the green plants on the roadside is not the same color, little clusters, there are different green green, some green, some is the focus of the green, the feeling is 10 percent thicker than without glasses.


When you take off the color blind glasses, you can also see the difference in the color of the plants, which makes you feel the difference in the light and shade.

The blue sky and white clouds did not change.
The afterglow of the setting sun has not changed, and I believe that the rising sun is the same.
Driving home at night, the traffic lights didn’t change.


The website says the glasses won’t help you pass the color blindness test. I tried them and they did.

It has no effect on driving cars. Today’s traffic lights are red, yellow and green, mixed with noise to help identify the underdog.

Wearing eyeglasses for color blind people has no effect on recognizing traffic lights.

Additional feeling

1, the sunny dazzling weather, the effect of color recognition is obvious; The effect is worse on ordinary sunny days. It seems to have something to do with the intensity of sunlight.

2. It still has an impact on driving. Before I could easily identify the traffic lights, it became difficult to identify after wearing glasses, and even ran a red light, and then I temporarily took off my glasses to see. (Of course I know the rules of left, right and up, but some traffic police in smaller cities don’t follow them.)